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Nov. 14th, 2005 10:18 pm
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8.5" sterling silver bracelet

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Not an unsold commision, but something I made up to see if I could and finally finished when I got some more suitable clasps. I was figuring £45 + P&P, but might be open to negotiation. Comments are screened.

Update: I can shorten this piece down, if that's wanted. I can also make matching ear rings.
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About to put in an order for materials, mostly some titanium for various projects and some silver and niobium links to make tubes for perfume sample vials, similar to the glowstick holders.
I have a prototype made up in titanium, so I'll try and get a photo of that and post it at some point.
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Due to kindness of being offered lifts and stuff, I've been able to book for BiCon.
To help pay for it and hopefully give me a bit of beer money, I was hoping to take a few bits and pieces to sell.
Please go have a look at the website and let me know, either with a comment here if there's anything you're interested in.
I had hoped to be able to make up some bi flag colours Japanese-style bracelets, but won't be getting the materials in until after the event (but can make them in other colours, just not the pink yet). Same with the all silver glow stick tube pendants (though I have got some materials to make these in titanium at the moment).
I do have the materials to make a few pairs of 6in1 ear rings in pink, purple and blue niobium. I also have materials to make the 6in1 and the byzantine chain ear rings (which I've yet to add to the site, but will do ASAP) in silver, gold fill, titanium and various colours of aluminium and niobium.


Jul. 27th, 2005 12:10 am
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I've ordered more supplies, so will be able to do the glow-stick pendants in silver and silver with purple niobium trims once those arrive.
There must have been enough interest in the pink aluminium at the size I was after that they've finally done a batch at last, so I'll also be able to do the Japanese style bracelets in the Bi flag colours (pink, purple and blue).

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Jul. 20th, 2005 10:29 pm
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Pictish Badger Design

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Jul. 3rd, 2005 05:26 pm
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Will be making another order for materials in the next week or there abouts, so if your're interested in a commision, now would be an excelent time to contact me about it.
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Had to use a mix of materials, idealy the finished production version would be all sterling silver (prototype uses titanium for the chain loops and purple niobium for the base contraction, 'cause that's what I had available) and needs a little revising now I've actually tried it with a glowstick (remove one of the layers of links to take out some of the slack), but I'm bloody happy with it.

For those that are interested, I got the mini glowsticks from here.

Will need to order more materials before I can make more, but will be doing that fairly soon, as I'd like to have some of these available for BiCon.

Update: Having the materials to hand, tried making one in titanium. Photo to follow as/when I get access to a camera. Not bad, but I actually prefer the silver for this piece. Could also use niobium, if colours are requested, but for now will probably just get in the materials in silver, though I may get a few bits to do the accents (chain loops and contraction) in niobium.

Further Update: Found a better supply for the glowsticks here. Cheeper (if I've worked it out right) and they do more colours.
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Think it was Gail that mentioned it, but it's an excelent idea and I'm going to hijack it...
1.5" mini glowstick in a round-mail tube, so it can be worn as a pendant.

Expect more info once I've experimented a bit.
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Today I recieved another delivery of raw materials, so I can now offer a few more bits and pieces...
There are a couple of photos on the materials page of the new colours of anodised aluminium. Unfortunatly, they're being a bit slow in bringing in the new colours in all the sizes I'd like, so I can just get the 1/4" links to make chains at the moment and I've already had enquiries that will use up most of what I bought of the pink, but I will be making another order early in the new year.
I've added a few new things to the jewellery page, including photos of a 6in1 choker and a 4in1 spiral bracelet.
I've also got a small amout of niobium, enough to make earrings or a ring in the green, peacock blue, violet and dark rose and will probably be ordering more soon.
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I can now get pink anodised aluminum links in sizes suitable for rings, earrings and chains, but not bracelets. Will email them and enquire try and find out if that's possible.
Also available now are turquiose and "dark purple" (with the purple now being called violet), but need to check what sizes I can get those in.
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Far to awake having not had very much sleep (i.e. none) for no particularly good reason other than I just couldn't settle last night. Have managed to do something productive with the time (when I wasn't playing FFIX), which was taught myself a new weave, dragonscale.
Initialy started with 1/4" and 3/8" 16 guage galvanised steel links, which produced something a bit to tight to be practical (should have used 7/16" really), then once I'd got the hang of it a bit, moved on to 3/32" 22 guage purple anodised titanium and 5/32" 20 guage sterling silver, bit more practical, but damned fiddly to knit.
Only got a 1" strip of 3 links wide ATM, which may get worked into a ring, but may add a couple of extra links to the width and make it into a bracelet, will see.

Having had a better look at the sample, the purple titanium may be a bit too dark to work well, so considering getting a small sample of the violet niobium and re-starting the project, leaving the sample with the titanium as an showpiece. Also going to get some more sterling silver in so I can make some rings/earrings up in that if there's demand.
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Still a bit more to do to it, but is pretty much up and running, with help from [ profile] mazzarc.
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Since I'm really not in the mood to head to bed just yet, possiably just a tad excited about my bike arriving tomorrow, amoungst other things, I figured I'd do something usefull.
*puts on pimping hat and clears throat*
[ profile] morfessa has asked me to mention to you 'orrible lot that there's an arts festival in Melton called paint the town red between the 6th and the 12th of September, including a short films mini-festival which Jo has been helping organise.
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Running order still to be finalised.


If I get a chance tomorrow, I'll try and put the rest of our holiday photo's up on photobucket and post a link to them.
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With the last order, I can now offer a few more bits and pieces.

I’ve now got the links to make the 6in1 rings in orange and gold as well as the red, blue, black, purple and green anodised aluminium. I’ve got a small amount of purple, blue and rose anodised titanium. Prices are £10 for anodised aluminium (single colour) or plain titanium, £11 for multi colour aluminium or plain titanium and multi colour aluminium, £13 for anodised titanium, £14 for mixed colour titanium.
I now have some hooks to make ear rings, prices to be confirmed, but probably the same as the rings, plus £1.

I’ve now got some 3/8" links to make the Japanese style bracelets. Because of limited availability, I couldn’t get everything in 16 gauge as I’d wanted. I can only offer red and blue and in the 6in1 style, the purple and green I can only offer in 12in1, bright aluminium I can offer in both 6in1 and 12in1. I still have some links to make the 12in1 in all colours with 1/4" links. The 6in1 are £6 each, the £12in1 are £8 each.
I’ve also got some grade 5 titanium 3/8" 16 gauge links, so I can make those up as well, at £8 each.

I’ve got some 5/16" 16 gauge aluminium in red, purple and bright, along with some similar sized neoprene rings, so will be experimenting with euro 6in bracelets to match the rings. I’m also going to experimenting with the Japanese weaves to make chokers, which would have to be tied at the back, maybe with the 2 rows folded, as with the bracelets or 3 rows un-folded.

I will be making another order for materials to make necklaces and key chains in September.
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Finaly got my act together and put a couple of the rings up on ebay.

My items on eBay

Chain Mail

Jun. 8th, 2004 12:42 pm
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In an attempt to keep myself busy while I waited for phonecalls last night, I had another look at the 18 guage links I was going to use for the 6in1 bracelets and done a bit of experimenting...

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I have materials in at the moment to make the 12in1 in silver, red, pruple, blue and green. I will be charging a bit extra for these, but not massivly more, say £7.50 instead of £6.

I only have materials in to make the 1in6 braclets with 1/4" 16 guage in puple and green at the moment, but I will be getting other colours in if people are interested.

I will be ordering materials to make the 1in6 with 3/16" 16 guage in silver, red, pruple, blue and green. I personaly perfer these, they're much more streamlined and the links don't dig in to your arm as much.
If there is sufficient interest, I might also get links in to make the 12in1 in 3/16" 18 guage.
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