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If there are any requests for orders to be delivered in time for Yule/Christmas/whatever, I need details ASAP.

Below are some examples of what I can make with the materials I've got in stock at the moment.

Ear rings in various styles from £14 a pair. Available in silver, anodised niobium and a limited amount of gold fill, titanium and anodised titanium.
Japanese style bracelets from £7 depending on materials and colour combinations (£1 extra for titanium, plus £1 per extra colour and for 12in2 where available). Available in Anodised aluminium and titanium in various colours, plus bright aluminium and plain titanium.
Euro 6in1 style chokers and bracelets from £20 for a bracelet and £35 for a choker. Available in anodised aluminium and bright aluminium.
Details for these can be found on the jewellery page.

Box, Byzantine and Persian style chains for necklaces and bracelets or chains for key and wallet chains, price depending on material, style and length. Available in titanium and anodised titanium and a limited amount of anodised aluminium.
Examples can can be found on the jewellery page or the chains page.

Glow stick pendants in silver from £15 or silver and purple niobium from £18.
Perfume sample vial pendants in silver from £20.
Details of these can be found on the curiosities page.

For more information, please see the website and contact me via the forum or leave a comment here, including an email address. Comments will be screened.
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